As results of the election came pouring in over the span of about six hours, it brought about a wide variety of emotions for everyone, especially at American University. With the majority of students at this school being primarily democratic as well as very liberal, the night began a happy one, with many people believing with no doubt, that our next president would be Hilary Clinton. Everyone was piled inside the School of International Studies as the results were being broadcast on a large screen. There were at least 100 students all sitting around, with blue balloons waiting to be poured down over everyone in celebration of Clinton winning. However as the night progressed and electoral votes continued ruling out multiple states as Republican, the mood quickly changed. It got to the point where people were beginning to get worried that the results of Donald Trump winning was going to lead to a physical altercation inside the building. Around 11:30pm, everyone was kicked out of the School of International Studies because authorities were so concerned with how people were going to react.capture

Disbelief ruled the school the day after the election when everyone found out that our next president was going to be Donald Trump. Those that supported Trump, took it to social media platforms as well as all around the school to show their excitement, while the opposite happened for the Democrats. Absolute anger and protests broke out around the school and people were so upset that they were skipping classes, in a shocked and depressive state, and unable to comprehend how this had happened. The results of the election came as a huge surprise to everyone and the responses that came out of everyone was truly eye opening. I felt honored in a sense, to be able to go to a school where people were so passionate about such an important topic like the election, where most other students at other universities didn’t really pay much attention to it. The mixed reactions that spread the campus created problems, however at the same time brought everyone together to speak about a topic they felt personally affected by.