“Latour suggests that nonhuman actants can redistribute on competencies, generate the potential for certain narrative frames, and even shift their own delegation of necessary action (309). In my case, the coin operated copier has made me more organized than ever before.” (170)

  • This example perfects imitates Graff’s example of They Say/I Say. Rice offers an outsiders perspective on a coin-operated copie, and uses this opposing perspective to then counteract Latour’s argument. Rice adds the words “in my case,” posing the argument she is about to state against Latour’s original perception.


“Although exclusion is perhaps the most important stick in the bundle of property rights, and although certain forms of exclusion can have beneficial results, this Article focuses on forms of exclusion that result in discriminatory treatment of those who are excluded”
  • This offers the perfect differentiation between “They say/I say.” Some believe discrimination is a type of “right” and a freedom land owners have, While Schindler offers her opinion in arguing that no one has the right to determine ones self worth and to discriminate against another.