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About Me


Hello, my name is Benjamin Shaver. Welcome to my ePortfolio!

I am originally from Delafield, Wisconsin, however, I am currently a freshman at American University in the honors program. I am a double major in international relations and political science. I would like to focus on diplomacy and Eastern European politics. I am currently taking Russian, and would like to study abroad in Russia in the next few years. At American University I am involved with the Roosevelt Institute, a progressive policy research organization where I am the education policy expert; College Democrats; and I am a member of the Model UN team.

Long Term Goals


  • Get a Fulbright scholarship to study Russian
  • Study abroad in Russia for a semester
  • Become fluent in Russian


  • Get funding to attend the Harvard Kennedy School
  • Score well enough on the Foreign Service Exam to get job as a FSO with the State Department

Semester Goals


  • Finish the semester with all A’s
  • Establish a relationship with a professor that will be helpful in the future


  • Speak with the SIS career advisor about a plan to help me accomplish my long term career goals

Mentor Network

You’ll soon start developing a network of mentors from among faculty and staff at AU. As you develop those mentor relationships, list those names here. To start, include your assigned Honors Counselor as the first member of your mentor network.

Current Positions

– Sales Associate at Hudson Trail Outfitters

-Education Policy Expert for the AU chapter of the Roosevelt Institute

Major/Minor/Certificate Program

Majors: International Relations and Political Science