About Cara

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois I traveled to Washington 4 years ago to further pursue my passions and receive a top tier education at American University. Now a senior at AU’s School of International Service and College of Arts and Sciences, I have nearly completed a major in International Service with a focus on the global economy as well as a minor in Economics.

What I believe has shaped my career interests the most would be my experiences interning around the world. Learning and growing-both personally and professionally in a variety of settings has allowed me to better understand my own goals in life. Currently, at the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Sanctions Policy Implementation, I have received first hand exposure to the procedures of foreign policy negotiation, implementation and the ways in which government agencies interact with one another.  Not only do I have the privilege to work hand in hand with sanctions experts, I actively converse and arbitrate with private companies from around the world. Additionally, my first international internship working in the accounting department for Hospitals of Madrid in Madrid, Spain was a valuable experience as I took on the challenge of working in a different language. It was very rewarding forcing myself out of my comfort zone, and I now feel confident enough to embrace working in a bilingual work environment. 

As I approach the final weeks of my undergrad degree, I’ve taken time to reflect on all I have experienced in Washington DC. In my underclassmen years, I dedicated myself to the Division 1 American University Dance Team. My time management skills were challenged but also strengthened while on the team, and I am honored to have been apart of the first AU Dance Team to place in the top 4 at the National Dance Association’s National Championships in the spring of my sophomore year. Additionally, my experience studying and working in Madrid, Spain was one of the most rewarding times of my life. I am grateful and very privileged to have taken flight across an ocean to live independently in a new city, and I am proud to say that it helped me grow into my own skin. And lastly, the Greek organization that I am apart of at AU, Alpa Chi Omega, has shaped me to become the strongest and most confident version of myself. Having a network of peers is a great tool in life, but having a network of empowering women can change the world, and I am honored every day to call myself a sister of an organization that promotes the fight against domestic violence.

It is truly a whirlwind to think that my time at American University is almost up, but I feel ready to take the world by storm as I approach my young professional days as a post-graduate. There is a lot to be intimidated by in this period of life but even more to look forward to. My optimism has never been higher than this moment because I know that I, along with my family, my peers, and my university have put years of hard work into ensuring a fruitful path for me-and for that, I am truly grateful and excited for all that is to come!