About Me


Hello, I am Cordelia Bell!

Research, community service, and legal studies are my passions! I am a government and psychology double major at Georgetown University. My majors are a launching point for my future aspirations: to become a lawyer. While, politics, psychology, and law do not seem interconnected, understanding the relationship between these fields is essential in being successful in any of them.

In my public policy class this year, one of my teachers called me a ‘bull-dog’. For my final paper, I needed the 1923 committee records for the Equal Rights Amendment. This lead me on a journey from American University to the Library of Congress Law Library to the National Archives. The hunt for these records was fascinating. Despite the fact, that several librarians told me these documents didn’t exist, I finally found what I needed at the National Archives. Being determined and taking initiative pays off.

During my Freshman year, I discovered an unexpected love–D.C Reads. D.C Reads is a program where college students go to low-income schools and tutor students. This may seem like an unexpected passion, with my focus on economics, law, and politics, but helping others is an integral part of who I am. This discovery has shaped what time of law I want to pursue–criminal justice.