I am originally from San Clemente in Southern California and is now living in Washington D.C. to continue my education. I attend American University pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts in CLEG (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, Government). As a member of the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program at AU, last year I studied the intersection between public policy and gender and sexuality.  This year I am a Teaching Assistant and leader of the Environment and Sustainability issue group. I am also a part of the Zero Waste Club to pursue my passion for environmental issues. Last year I was helped students struggling with reading proficiency by becoming a DC Reads tutor for Seaton Elementary School.

As a high school student, I was involved in a variety of clubs and organizations at San Clemente High School. I was the first president of Link Crew at SCHS, an organization dedicated to helping incoming freshmen to transition into high school. As president, I led┬áregular meetings both with the 90 members and with the subcommittee chairs. Additionally, I worked with the principal and other faculty members to present monthly at City Council meetings to update the representatives on the organization’s initiatives. As a freshman, I helped start a club, Visits of Love, which visited senior citizen homes around the community. I maintained the position of secretary for all four years of my high school career and the club continues to function at the school after she has graduated.

Activism has always been a major part in shaping who I am today. My dedication for the environment drove me to join a movement to eliminate plastic water bottles in my school district (more information here) as well as participate in beach clean ups. Growing up near the ocean has provided me a unique, close up, experience of the detrimental impacts of the lack of environmental consciousness which fuels my passion for the issue.

In my senior year, I also organized my city for a school walkout and March for Our Lives. At my school’s walkout I worked with other students to publicize the event and provide attendees with posters. I began the seventeen minutes with a speech to my hundreds of classmates honoring the Parkland students and faculty and calling for action by Congress. Throughout high school and into my life in the nation’s capital, I have attended numerous marches and protests advocating for what I believe in.

From the many experiences outlined throughout my portfolio, I have found my strengths lie in organization and communication. Whether it was organizing school events, marches, or TV interviews, I often find myself working behind the scenes focusing on the details and logistics. My extensive practice of communication with individuals, in front of large crowds, to authorities, and with peers have provided me the versatility and adaptability that are imperative in a successful communicator. I would like to apply these strengths in my future endeavors while standing up for ideals that I am passionate about like the environment, women’s rights, and gun control. I am so grateful for the opportunities I received to have a platform to strengthen these skills and improve areas of weakness.


To contact me, please email me at cc5572a@american.edu or through my LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carni-campbell-12463a195/. You can also find me on Handshake by searching Carni Campbell.