Commonplace Book: Gender Inclusve Bathrooms



This is an amazing sign that allows all to feel included and to feel that they have a safe bathroom to enter. Having the Housing and Dining program sign the bottom of each of the posters is a good way to show people that the higher ups in the school are looking out for the community as a whole. The main level of each of the residence halls has these bathrooms to allow a president to be set the second you walk into the building. When the sign says “we appreciate everyone helping to make this restroom inclusive for everyone” it is able to address the fact that it might be uncomfortable or different to share a public bathroom but addresses how much it means to the people that use these bathrooms. The rhetoric behind the last little blurb is really important, “If you feel the need to lock the room while using it, there is a lock located on the main door to this restroom.” Allowing people the comfort of having a “private” bathroom could ease the stress of having to use the restroom. For some this sign is seen as a lifeline and an extension of the faculty at AU to express who you are without feeling any remorse or guilt. These bathrooms are there for you to use or not, however when we use them we are showing that we all care and that it is okay to be who you are. There is no room for judgment in these gender inclusive bathrooms because it is “inclusive” everyone is welcome.

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