Annotated Bibliography 3&4

Works Cited

Clanton, John, and Former downtown Tulsa YMCA being transformed into affordable apartments By KEVIN CANFIELD World Staff Writer . “Former Downtown Tulsa YMCA Being Transformed into Affordable Apartments.” Tulsa World, 24 Oct. 2015,

This article talks about the construction that they are doing on the former downtown YMCA. They say that they are making them into affordable apartments and commercial buildings for offices. The small, affordable units will help fill a growing demand for housing from people who want to live downtown, don’t want the long-term commitment of a house payment. The construction has taken some time but in the end the outcome will help out a lot of DC residences.

I will use this article to talk about how the process of reconstructions something that had no set up similar to apartments or offices is hard to keep affordable and thats why its taking so long. This article is good to show off what the interior will look like when they finish construction on the inside of the building. Because most areas inside are still closed off for construction this article is giving me a good idea of what I can write about for the areas that I can’t necessarily see.

Https:// “Best Indoor Tracks To Exercise In The DC Area.” CBS DC, 20 Oct. 2014,

This article talks about the indoor track that the YMCA used to have and how it was one of the best in the city. People from all around the city used the track because they loved it so much. It also talks a little on the other activities and equipment that it had available to the public for a membership.

I was thinking that I could use this article as a comparison type thing, where I can talk about what the interior was used for and looked like when it was still the YMCA and how that has changed. I could also possibly mention how the change of the interior has affected the type of people that pass by the building.

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