Work Cited 5&6

Stein, P. (2015, Oct 08). YMCA to shutter facility downtown amid rising competition from gyms. The Washington Post Retrieved from

This article does a good job at laying out the facts of why the Y left the Dupont area. Many of the reasons being that there was a decrease in attendance, an increase in tax and they felt that the area didn’t need help anymore. The YMCA spokesperson talked about how the Y had to focus on areas in DC that needed more help than the affluent Dupont area. The article drops numbers and quotes saying why they were leaving and who they sold to.

I can use this article and the rhetoric about how this is a stable community and how it has changed. The YMCA only comes to areas that need their help and so the fact that it is leaving isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it proves that the community has bettered, and that is something that I can focus on with this article. I can also talk about how reluctant Akridge was to announce what they were turning the building into.

Wheeler, Linda. “Preserving A Century of Service in Shaw; Historic YMCA Finds New Community Role.” The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 1998.

This article talks about the first YMCA to accept African-Americans which was in DC. They talk about how this building is  national mark and something that makes all african-americans proud to go to. They are currently renovating this YMCA, with a multimillion dollar contract. This area was a place for everyone to go and come together to use the swimming pool, try gymnastics, or just to have a safe space.

I will use this article to again talk about the rhetoric of the interior of the YMCA and how it provided a safe space for African-Americans. I will compare the exterior environment and the racial tensions and how the YMCA was able to defuse that through the years in DC and how it continues to do so. They are rededicating the YMCA so that is something that I will talk about with this source.

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