Presidents Remarks on the Flag: Commonplace

“The university in no way condones, promotes, or supports the burning of the American flag.”

This statement came out after the flag burning on Americans campus, to remind the country that the school does not condone the burning of the Flag. Kerwin made it clear that he understands that it is a freedom of speech however as a campus that is supposed to be a safe space and inclusive to all this act did not respect that. Kerwin is trying to send a statement to fix the mass concern from families alumni and the public after a picture was floating all over the news of the flag. By saying things such as “the safety of our community is of paramount importance” is trying to reach the families of the kids in the school to insure that everyone is safe. When he describes the different amenities that American offers if they are concerned about their safety that is for both the families and the public to know that there is a place for students to go to address their fear. He ends the email by giving the community a call to action for our community to “maintain that standard of civil discourse” trying to tell all of us to stay off the public’s radar. Kerwin sent this email as counter PR to what the news was showing the world. He sent this email more for others and to save the universities tail, not to reassure the student body. He couldn’t take a political stance but he addressed the fear that everyone was feeling, but he made sure that the public knew that he and his university would never condone such actions.

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