YMCA, the Gate to Connecting all Walks of Life


My Built Environment covers a much wider topic than the YMCA. The YMCA brings together people of all walks of life, to one location for one common service. The YMCA provides structure to families that might not have structure in their neighborhoods, it can also be seen as a cheap gym to go to during your lunch break. Gentrification is an overarching topic in my Built Environment as the closing of the National Capitol YMCA caused the displacement of many lower income families. As more affluent families come into neighborhoods and raise the income taxes it pushes out families who can no longer afford their homes. This increase in taxes allows for innovation and updates in the neighborhood that lower income neighborhoods can’t afford and that the city doesn’t provide them with. This innovation brings in construction workers to create new apartment buildings, corporations, and small businesses. These construction workers provide a brief increase in sales for the communities that they work in, giving neighborhoods even more of a boost. I am able to analyze all of these topics and more throughout my built environment. Enjoy.

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