Becoming a Backup Dancer in Your Own Show

This week I chose to analyze the Music video for the song “Waka Waka” by Shakira. To give this video context, it was created in anticipation for the 2010 FIFA world cup. The music video depicts a Colombian Shakira singing about that make Africa, Africa. Shakira’s light hair and complexion in the video contrast greatly from her four, extremely dark-skinned female backup dancers. These dancers, while holding a much smaller part in the video than Shakira are all depicted to be of African descent and shown to be practicing dances and clothing styles from various African countries. This contrast struck me as odd. The women in the video who represents African culture as much as I do, an Italian/Irish girl from Connecticut, is the one with the largest role in advertising the country’s culture in preparation for the World Cup. This cultural inconsistency highlighted, to me, the subconscious racism still present in society.






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