Keeping Korean Pop PG?

Image from┬á “EXID Members profile 2017” February 16, 2012

Above: EXID Korean-pop Girl Group

Recently, a friend of mine has introduced me to a new genre of music that I had been previously been unaware of. The genre, Korean pop, often referred to as K-Pop, often features groups of Korean singers and dancers. These groups contain anywhere from three to thirteen members and have completely taken over the music scene of Korea and hold a significant international presence.

Something interesting in the various K-pop music videos I had viewed, is the homogeneity of the beauty standards seen in the video. All of the women seen had similar features that were not particularly Korean. For example, many had visible matching nose jobs, double eyelids and extremely lightened skin. While most Koreans are not born with these features, it became apparent to me that these celebrities had undergone procedures to attain the beauty standards assigned to them. Another common trend I had noticed in the videos, in particular the videos featuring females, was the juvenile trends and tones that the women picked up while performing. This child-like sense of beauty that is considered desirable in the Korean culture was extremely visible in the songs and actions of the females.


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