Gender Inclusivity and Economic System Failure

This notice posted on a bathroom door of American University indicates the inclusive nature of this specific bathroom, allowing anyone, no matter what their gender identity is, to utilize the facility. While this poster is very inclusive, the word choice of the poster indicates that this inclusivity is not a widespread ideal. The creators of this poster dedicated an entire one third of the page to detail the bathrooms locked door procedure. The emphasis put on locking the door to this “inclusive” bathroom, automatically takes the idea of positive inclusivity that the message begins with, and transforms it into a message of optional, preferred isolation.

The wording of the bottom third of this flier gives the user all of the information they need to know regarding the taboo act of identifying as a non-binary gender as well as the general public’s reactions towards this act. The act of locking the door, physically putting a barrier between yourself and the outside world, is an act of admittance that the bathroom user does not feel completely comfortable being their authentic selves in front of, or even in close proximity, to the general public.


“Shall property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?”


Root of Sentence:  “continue to be exempt from taxation”

Key Words: “Continue”, “Exempt”, “Shall”, “Providers”, “Taxation”, “Affordable”


The Insinuation within this sentence that something being taxed is no longer affordable to the general public is telling in itself. This statement mentions the practice of taxation, something that almost every government that has ever existed has done in some shape or form. This taxation is not meant to harshly impair the lifestyle of the citizen being taxed, simply provide the government with funds for services provided to that citizen. The fact that this taxation can not occur while keeping key elements of the citizens life “affordable” is interesting. In the quote above, it is clear that if the University System was not exempt from taxation, housing would become unaffordable to many. With a human requirement so basic as housing, the question of taxation becomes null to many. Though, the structure of the American economy on a federal and state level disallow for an annulment, and allow for basic needs to become privileges that are up for change at any given moment.

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