Annotated Bibliography 5 & 6

This article posted to the Washington Post in January of 1990, follows the national broadcast in which President George W. bush held up a bag of crack cocaine in the oval Office. The president did this in a bid to reach the public and explain the epidemic that was crack cocaine in Washington DC. The sample of the drug  was purchased by undercover officers just across the street from the White House in Lafayette Park. The article, “Subject of Lafayette Square Crack sale Guilty in Other Cases” written by Tracy Thompson made headlines due to its connection to the president of the United States. The article details the legal proceedings of the drug dealer who sold crack to the undercover officer. The article’s main points of interest are the fact that the dealer in question sold drugs that would appear on a presidential broadcast, as well as the fact that the perpetrator was only 19 at the time. The author also focuses on the familias impact of the dealer, Keith Jackson’s, dealing.

Tracy Thompson focuses less on the legal proceedings of the case and more on the impact of both the accused, as well as the unique circumstances of the accused. The use of the authors emphasis on his age and the fact that Jackson was still a senior in high school while contributing the a lethal drug epidemic is incredible important. In my writing, I can use this in order to dissect the systematic drug cycle in American, specifically in a large city like Washington DC only a few decades ago.



CASES.” The Washington Post, 1990, pp. 1–1.


The article posted to the GW Hatchet, written by Meredith Roatan caled, Thousands Storm Lafayette Square to Oppose Immigration Order, explains the events of January, 2017 in Lafayette Square. Roatan reports that nearly 2,000 passionate protesters stormed the square in response to President Donald Trump’s impending immigration law, which would disallow for the citizens of several, primarily Muslim countries, from entering the United States legally. Roatan reports that many of the protesters who rallied at Lafayette Square came to the sport from all over the country. The significance of the area in relation to the White House and central mode of power, drew the crowd together in this area. Roatan goes on explain in more detail the international effects of the President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

Roatan’s article regarding this singular protest in Lafayette Square gives me an idea of the democratic scene in the square on a larger level. This information will be useful to me while writing my essay as I will be able to relate the larger scene/rhetoric of the square with a singular, specific event. The international tone to the protest is also helpful to me, as I am heavily focusing on the well contained international rhetoric in the area. The fact that American’s have protested for the right of both American’s as well as citizens of other countries in the square adds to my paradoxical claim that the square is a layered, domestic and international scene.


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