The NAACP of 2017


The Rapper known to the public as Amine, has created multiple popular songs in the past year, his newest titled “Redmercedes.”The song, while it is catchy and follows a nice beat, is not the piece of Amine’s new work I would like to analyze. The video, rather, peaks my interest more than the lyrics of the beat of the song. The video opens in a mercedes dealership, where the full employed staff is black. The trio, Amine, then walks into the dealership in full “white-face” and preppy clothing. The trio is treated noticeably differently because of the color of their skin, mimicking the type of racism that would likely be seen today if three black men walked into a mercedes dealership and where communicating with an entirely white staff. Once the song begins, it stops, mid track as one of the black dealership employees can be heard asking, “What is the NWACP?”

The NWACP or the National White Association for Care and Pleasure, was created for the purposes of this video in order to mimic the NAACP, a legitimate association for the rights of African Americans. What I found interesting about the NWACP in relation to the NAACP is that the NWACP was not created for the rights of whites, rather, for the comfort and pleasure. This struck me as interesting, as even in a world in which white people were being discriminated against as black people are today, the foundation to aid them was more focused on comfortability than rights. I think this differentiation speaks volumes about how many non minorities treat minority groups today and how they often belittle their struggles.

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