The Real Modernism

In Suzanne Tick’s article “His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society”, Tick notes today’s “gender revolution”, stating that the traditional definitions and roles of the male and female are being challenged in industry today. Tick goes on to explain the male-dominated ways in which the professional world has been shaped over many decades. Modernism, the author mentions, is a large root of the male dominated professional society of today, as the movement was largely founded in male ideals and by men. This founding both inadvertently and advertently helped shape the gender roles and the strength of these gender roles today.

Tick goes on to unveil the new wave of feminism in society that, she believes, is helping to dismantle the patriarchal hierarchy previously mentioned. By pulling in evidence such as Emma Watson’s recent speech to the UN about the importance of gender equality as well as Alexander Wang’s new clothing line for females with stronger, more angular accents, Tick highlights a hopeful future of a less binary, man over woman complex in society.

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