Product Placement and a Toothbrush


While I have always been aware of the use of product placement when it comes to Tony Stark eating Burger King in Iron Man, or the long line of more candy bars than you can name at the checkout counter, I recently have begun to understand the extent to which product placement is used. Recently, while shopping in CVS for a toothbrush, I noticed that all of the more adult toothbrushes were at my eye level, allowing for me to choose easily. During my search for a toothbrush I began to notice a sudden shift in color. Higher up on the shelf, where I had been looking, where greens, blues, greys and other subtle, bland colors. Lower down, about two feet from my eye-level, the colors became much brighter with Pinks and blues. The toothbrushes turned quickly into those that would attract a six or seven year old.

I noticed the notable difference in product at these two levels of eyesight, which reminded me of something I had read about the ways in which Apple set up their stores. Apple specifically places childrens accessories at the average child’s eye level. While this was Apple’s technique to target their specific audience seem unique to the company at the time, I now realize the widespread reach of product placement in almost every situation. 


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