Welcome to my Edspace! Throughout the course of this website, I will attempt to explain to you all of the moving parts and pieces that make Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. one of the capital’s most unique commonplaces. My goal is to reveal to you a sides of the square that showcase the underlying rhetoric of the space and its surroundings, and how these elements coexist and interact to create the carefully structured environment.

Through my digital archives you will be able to see, firsthand, images of the Square and it’s surroundings that will contribute to your overall understanding of the layered rhetoric of the space. Moreover, my annotated bibliographies will serve to provide both a history of the square, outlining its past uses as well as its changes over time. In these you will also gain an understanding of the personal environment of the space, learning about those who frequent the area. My two larger pieces of writing are also available to you on this sight. These pieces are meant to provide a deeper, full-text understanding of the way in which I choose to analyse Lafayette Square’s built environment. Accompanying my second piece is a Prezi presentation, containing photographs, videos, articles and more that will help provide to you a complete image of the Laffayette Square.

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