Hi, I'm Cameron!

I’m Cameron, a California native with an unrivaled love for Tom Petty and the ocean.

With an ardent interest in discovering what makes people and communities think and act the way they do, I pursued a multidisciplinary approach to my education at American University. I earned a Bachelor’s in CLEG (Communications, Law, Economics, Government) and International Relations with a certification in Advanced Leadership Theory.

What did I learn?

That the stories, media, and brands we interact with everyday have an overwhelming power in shaping our global outlook. As a passionate consumer and developer of content I believe in the unequivocal power of media to inform and impact our society.

A long-time advocate for social justice, I have worked in education development as well as for racial equality movements. Through it all, one major observation prevailed; that strategic communication and branding can be invaluable tools towards spreading our values, our vision, and our desire to change the world.

Welcome to my site! I’m glad you came.