Annotated Bibliography 4

Internet Marketing, Website Design, | MD, VA, DC. “Progression Place.” Modern, Classic Urban Style        Community Residences. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Oct. 2016.

This source has information about the building on 7th and S street NW, named the Progression Place. The shops at the progression place and offices are also mentioned, giving a good detailed explanation of how the interior of the building is. The building has shops, offices, apartments, a dining area, and night-life rooms. Information about the construction of the building is included in the article as well.

This source is useful for my interior built environment description because the page contains helpful information since it describes the building with details, adding what it has and what does it offer. Shops, offices, and decorations are mentioned and explained. The dining area and night-life rooms are also described. This source is accurate and useful since it is the actual page of the building. Also, it can help me see the differences or similarities between the source and the actual location of the Progression Place.

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