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Commonplace book: Fleming’s words entry

Discussing Fleming’s quote:

“[A]n education [. . .] that was designed to support a truly direct, deliberative democracy [. . .] would be an education oriented to the ‘strong publics’ of decision-making rather than the ‘weak publics’ of opinion formation. (205)”

– In this quote, Fleming discusses and expresses his opinion in how democracy is visioned and present in education. He states how democracy has allowed people to think and express themselves freely. People participate in government ideas, since their opinions matter, just as everyone else’s. The people in a democratic area are seen as a community instead of a plain society. People can participate, no matter their diversity, everyone is accepted and heard. All is done, for a better purpose for all.

7th Flats at the Progression Place: Annotated Bibliography 7-10

“Onsite Retail| 7th Flats | Apartments near the Shaw – Howard U Metro.” 7th Flats. Bozzuto, n.d. Web. 20 Nov. 2016.

This website provides information about the floor plans, gallery, features, amenities, retail, the neighborhood, services, reasons why people should choose Bozzuto, and contact. The article under “features” explains how people can decorate their apartment as they wish. People with an “individualistic style” can be identified with this space. There is also a list that contains the amenities the apartments have. There is also information available about the restaurants and stores there downstairs, such as “Eat The Rich” and At&t. The website also provides a short paragraph with a description of the neighborhood the 7th Flats is in. In the gallery, there are several images of the 7th Flats, allowing the viewer to see how it is like in the inside and the outside. Also, the website contains a list of all the services that are provided for all residents of the 7th Flats, such as coffee and tea services, and 24-hour emergency maintenance and concierge.

This website is useful for my Built Environment Description because it provides much information that will help me back up a simple statement. For example, for the exterior part of my Built Environment Description, I can inculcate the description of the Neighborhood in a form of comparison to the actual apartment building. Therefore, I will not just have facts, but an argumentation. Some of the information provided on this website is similar to other websites I will use for my Built Environment Description.

“7th Flats – Washington, DC.” MyNewPlace. Realpage Inc., n.d. Web. 20 Nov. 2016.

This website provides information about the apartments in 7th Flats at the Progression Place. It states all the floor plans, property details, and reasons why people should live in these apartments. The article states all the benefits there are in living in the 7th Flats, such as being right next to the Shaw-Howard U Metro. Also, the short paragraph that provides convincing information in why people should like there describe the apartments as “urban, alive, and seductive”. It also describes the building as innovative, since it is setting higher standards for Shaw. The amenities are listed on the website as well; those are a concierge, brand new, on-site retail, pet-friendly, rapid transit, and smart rent.

This website is useful for my built environment description because it provides information that will help me develop a strong argument about the 7th Flats at the Progression Place. Also, the website contains information that I have not yet found in other sources, such as the statement that responds to the question “why”. This page is a reliable source because it is stated that information is derived from Bozzuto, which is the company that manages the 7th Flats at the Progression Place. Prices are also available, which helps me develop my argumentation when it comes to spaces and prices, and discuss if the apartments are worth in their size and price.

“With $2.7M Loan, D.C. Aid to Progression Place Increases.” Washington Business Journal, 15 June 2012. Web. 20 Nov. 2016.

This website focuses and talks about how much the 7th Flats at the Progression Place is worth. It specifically mentions how the 7th Flats at the Progression Place was built with a loan of 2.7 Million dollars from the District’s Housing Production Trust Fund. Also, the website specifies how many apartments are available (205), and highlighting that only 51 are affordable. The building has a 19,000 square feet of ground and the underground garage is an 185-space. There is also information about a 50,000-square-foot office condominium at Progression Place that UNICEF paid for $23.87 million dollars.

This website is very useful for my Built Environment Description because this website offers details about the money topic of the Progression Place. It gives details of tax, rentals, money owed, and more. Knowing about how much is owed and how much is paid helps big-time for the background analysis of my essay. I can research and analyze the statistic area of the 7th Flats at the Progression Place. Also, I can make the overall assumption how it affects DC’s economy with the information given in this article. Lastly, this information helps my essay not only have descriptive information but also statistical and monetary information which will help me form an argumentative analysis.

7th Flats at Progression Place: The Bozzuto Website

     The 7th Flats at Progression Place are built by the Bozzuto Construction company. Bozzuto displays an organized, neat, well-oriented website for the 7th Flats. The website states its purpose clearly: sell apartments. Also, the words “7TH FLATS” is written capitalized, which basically are the first words the viewer reads when opening the website. At the top of the page, the website allows the viewer to see all aspects the 7th Flats provide. At the top right corner, the company’s contact is placed so that anyone who is interested in the apartment has an easy access to communicate with the sellers. The website provides a slideshow of everything the building has to offer. First, the slideshow starts with a picture of a bedroom. The bedroom is all set up, which gives the viewer a nice look on how their apartment will look like with their decorations. The second picture is a photo of the rooftop of the building. The rooftop decorations are modern, with high stools and tables prepared for a nice lunch with the sun out. The third and last picture is a photo of the living room, decorated with a modern touch and many colors. Beneath the slideshow, there is a short description of the 7th flats stating, “Brand new apartments in the heart of Washington, DC’s legendary Shaw neighborhood. Located right next to the Shaw-Howard U Metro and right above the neighborhood’s new favorite places to eat, drink, and socialize at Progression Place. The highly anticipated 7th Flats Apartments at Progression Place blends the best of modern upscale living with the rich history of the Shaw community…” (Bozzuto). The message motivates the viewer to live in these specific apartments. On the left side of the website, there are various options the viewer can click on such as features and amenities, floor plans, photos and videos, and more. The website displays only the positive aspects of the building, trying to persuade the audience of buying such elegant apartments. Since the website is owned by the company which constructed 7th Flats, they want to persuade only what is positive about the apartments.


     The Bozzuto websites also offers an abundant amount of helpful information about the apartment, and not everything about the website is persuading. The different prices of the apartments are available to observe in the website, and a map of the building’s location is also available, making it easier for the viewer to experience where the building is at. The website focuses on accommodating the audience, so that the audience feels comfortable, and can navigate easily through the website. The targeted audience for this website would be anyone who is interested in the apartments, and can afford living in them.


    In conclusion, the Bozzuto website is an organized, easy-managed website that is a guide for the rent or sale of the 7th Flats at Progression Place apartments. Furthermore, the Bozzuto website presents the information about the apartments in a persuasive way: by stating all the positives of the apartment building and ignoring the negative.

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“7th Flats.” Bozzuto. N.p., 24 Oct. 2016. Web. 09 Nov. 2016.

7th Flats at Progression Place- Annotated Bibliography 6-7

“7th Flats.” Bozzuto. N.p., 24 Oct. 2016. Web. 09 Nov. 2016.

This website offers a detailed overview of what the 7th Flats at Progression Place consist of. The website depicts all floor plans that the apartment building offers, including square feet and price. Studios are a one-floor plan which consists of 424 square feet and start at a price of $1,890. One bedroom housing is a three-floor plan which consists of 969 square feet and starts at a price of $2470. A two bedroom housing is a two-floor plan which consists of 1170 square feet and starts at a price of $3,285. Bozzuto also shows features and amenities of the building.

This website is useful for my interior Built Environment Description because it consists of helpful information that the reader will find useful while reading my analysis. The information given allows the reader to compare prices and figure out which option is best if the viewer is interested in the apartment as well.

“7th Flats.” UrbanTurf. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Nov. 2016.

This website has access to interior details of the 7th flats building. 7th flats consist of 100,00- square feet of office space, 205 apartments, and 20,000 square feet of retail space. Also, the website states the building’s project type, types of units (studio, two-bedroom apartments etc), unit sizes, the building’s amenities (gym, lobby, rooftop etc.), the pricing of the building, and (starting at $1,700). The website explains where the apartments are located and offers a map of the location.

This website is useful for my project because it contains exclusive information that is not easy to find in other websites. The website gives specific information about the interior of the 7th flats building, and this will help me compose a detailed paper about the 7th Flats. Images are also available from places that I do not have access to, but because of this page, I can experience what there is beyond the lobby.

About Me!

My name is Carla Sofia Fuente and I am eighteen years old. I was born in Tampa, Florida, but, I have lived my whole in the Dominican Republic before moving to Washington, DC. I speak Spanish, English, and French. The school I studied at back in the Dominican Republic is an American school, so I graduated with an American diploma, and in order to graduate with a Spanish diploma I had to take french, therefore, I also graduated with an American diploma. I am currently a freshman at the American university, and I am planning to major in business administration. I also plan to study all four years at American University, but I would like to study abroad in my junior year. My goal in life is to be a professional business woman in the cigar industry, that can manage the company that my father owns now, and my grandfather started. I consider myself an interactive, spontaneous, and fun person. I like feeling independent and in control. When it comes to work, I might be lazy at first, but I also do my best, because I try to give my all in everything I do. Having good grades is important for me.

I aspire to be a role model to many, especially for my little brother. I hope my work here at American University will foreshadow  my work in the future. Although I consider myself a responsible person, I also like hanging out with friends and family (of course, I am latin! That is what we do). And this was a little about me!

The Unique Building of 1825 7th St NW: 7th Flats at Progression Place

This is the 7th Flats at the Progression Places lobby. This image demonstrates its modern aspect.

    There, in the middle of a dirty, obscure, and dangerous area in Washington D.C., is a different and unique building than the rest of all the places in Shaw. On 1825 7th St NW is a modern and new building known as the 7th Flats at Progression Place. The building is “A diverse mix of dining, shopping, arts, nightlife and community-serving amenities are envisioned that will bring new life and vibrancy to the 7th Street corridor” (Retail Spotlight, Progression Place). The world outside of the building and the world inside seem like two different planets with two totally polar opposite settings. The streets are filthy and neglected, while the lobby of the building is so clean and pristine, that it seems like people would clean their shoes before entering to not disrupt the glamor of the building.

Eating area to enjoy a nice coffee or read the newspaper.

     The 7th Flats building is nothing like John’s Place, because the John’s Place building is small and abandoned, while 7th Flats is lively, vivid, new, and eccentric. The Progression Place’s front side part is filled with new and popular shops and boutiques such as sprint and the Uprising muffin company. Then, in the middle of all the essence, is the entrance of the 7th Flats apartment building. The 7th flats, “offers all the modern luxury, residential amenities, and convenience expected by those seeking a vibrant, urban lifestyle, represents an ideal opportunity to live in comfort and style with easy reach of your workplace (Progression Place). The decorative lobby is styled with decorative walls of white and beige tones. There is also a red painting with lights to highlight the style and for the seating area, there are couches of red and blue tones. Also, in front of the couches there are two rounded gold tables on top of a beige, velvet carpet. The lighting is purposely placed to define the different modern schemes of the room. There is also a dark purple column alone with an uneven shape to add edge to the room. The entrance of the lobby has windows for walls so that it also brings in natural lighting into the building and gives a feel of outdoors and nature. There is a small and round table with a marble surface in the entrance of the building to offer people a casual seating setting. People can relax here to enjoy their breakfast, a cup of coffee or even read the day’s newspaper. The floor is an off-white marble to add glamour to the chic and modern ambiance and there is also a blue stripe going across the floor so that it is not so discolored. In the entrance, there is also a decorative table laying straight across the wall with a simple decorative statue to add design. Behind this table, hanging on the wall, is another simple black painting. The ceiling is made up of big white circles that gives a modern look to the lobby. In the back of the lobby are two silver elevators that take residents or visitors to the residences. Left to the elevators is a brown, tall table where the receptionist sit.

This is the comfortable seating area in the lobby. The couches have bright, colorful pillows. there is also a red wall that is illuminated by lights. Two gold, rounded tables are presented in the seating area as well.

      The 7th Flats is the start to a new community in Shaw; it is the first modern building that will shift the view of the area. This building at the Progression Place has power since it intrigues everybody who passes by it. Its modern decorations and eccentric look will grab visitors attention and will inspire them to move into the unique building of 1825 7th St NW.

Entrance to 7th Flats at Progression Place.





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Commonplace Entry #6


In order for everybody to feel comfortable and fit in, people need to be accommodated regarding how they feel comfortable. Bazelon depicts that accommodation is practical for everybody, and it is not fair that transgenders are not being accommodated just to accommodate females. Transgenders should feel comfortable and be treated like they belong wherever they feel identified, but, “it’s about relatively small adjustments for the sake of coexistence.” (Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating’). Although it is very hard for all people to come to an agreement since everybody has different opinions, many solutions can be enforced about the idea of “accommodation”, and not just the accommodation of transgenders, but of everybody, no matter their gender or their title.

New version:

In order for the everybody’s comfort, people need to be accommodated regarding their desires. Bazelon depicts that accommodation is practical for everybody, and it is unjust that transgenders are not being accommodated just to accommodate females. Transgenders should feel comfortable and be treated like they belong wherever they feel identified, but, “it’s about relatively small adjustments for the sake of coexistence.” (Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating’). Although it is hard for an agreement to settle between all people, many solutions can be enforced when it comes to accommodation, and not just the transgender’s accommodation, but everybody’s, no matter their gender or title.