7th Flats at Progression Place- Annotated Bibliography 6-7

“7th Flats.” Bozzuto. N.p., 24 Oct. 2016. Web. 09 Nov. 2016.

This website offers a detailed overview of what the 7th Flats at Progression Place consist of. The website depicts all floor plans that the apartment building offers, including square feet and price. Studios are a one-floor plan which consists of 424 square feet and start at a price of $1,890. One bedroom housing is a three-floor plan which consists of 969 square feet and starts at a price of $2470. A two bedroom housing is a two-floor plan which consists of 1170 square feet and starts at a price of $3,285. Bozzuto also shows features and amenities of the building.

This website is useful for my interior Built Environment Description because it consists of helpful information that the reader will find useful while reading my analysis. The information given allows the reader to compare prices and figure out which option is best if the viewer is interested in the apartment as well.

“7th Flats.” UrbanTurf. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Nov. 2016.

This website has access to interior details of the 7th flats building. 7th flats consist of 100,00- square feet of office space, 205 apartments, and 20,000 square feet of retail space. Also, the website states the building’s project type, types of units (studio, two-bedroom apartments etc), unit sizes, the building’s amenities (gym, lobby, rooftop etc.), the pricing of the building, and (starting at $1,700). The website explains where the apartments are located and offers a map of the location.

This website is useful for my project because it contains exclusive information that is not easy to find in other websites. The website gives specific information about the interior of the 7th flats building, and this will help me compose a detailed paper about the 7th Flats. Images are also available from places that I do not have access to, but because of this page, I can experience what there is beyond the lobby.

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