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Blog About the Discussion Concerning Trump’s Victory

After the 2016 elections, we had a class discussion about Trump’s victory. Everybody in the class was devastated about Trump winning the elections, so we all expressed our emotions and opinions, and somehow it comforted everybody. We all felt better since we realized we were not the only ones going through a sad time.

Also, we all discussed the burning of the flag in our Campus of American University. It was a very shameful act for some of us but for some people it was a way of expressing their emotions. I felt very ashamed of the act, especially because I am from the Dominican Republic, and our country is very prideful and we respect the flag and the idea of our independence, so burning the flag is illegal there. Also, I believe it is a way of disrespect for those whose family members died fighting to protect the American Flag.

I think the discussion was very efficient, and I think we all felt better after discussing our thoughts.

Blog post about our class!

In College Writing, I found very useful how everything we did, from projects to discussion, are all connected to one idea: network. We analyzed how everything is a network, even a map when it comes to location. City of Rhetoric, the reading analysis, our built environment descriptions and analysis, and everything else we ever discussed has to do with locations and how it all is a network. Locations can even affect our choices and decisions.

After this class, I now see places more than just a building, because they all are connected to people and somewhat they have a history. I also learned how to think rhetorically and how to decode a piece of work, because everything is coded, and everything has a meaning hidden under all the plain words. Altogether, the words make a network to a bigger meaning.

About Me!

My name is Carla Sofia Fuente and I am eighteen years old. I was born in Tampa, Florida, but, I have lived my whole in the Dominican Republic before moving to Washington, DC. I speak Spanish, English, and French. The school I studied at back in the Dominican Republic is an American school, so I graduated with an American diploma, and in order to graduate with a Spanish diploma I had to take french, therefore, I also graduated with an American diploma. I am currently a freshman at the American university, and I am planning to major in business administration. I also plan to study all four years at American University, but I would like to study abroad in my junior year. My goal in life is to be a professional business woman in the cigar industry, that can manage the company that my father owns now, and my grandfather started. I consider myself an interactive, spontaneous, and fun person. I like feeling independent and in control. When it comes to work, I might be lazy at first, but I also do my best, because I try to give my all in everything I do. Having good grades is important for me.

I aspire to be a role model to many, especially for my little brother. I hope my work here at American University will foreshadow  my work in the future. Although I consider myself a responsible person, I also like hanging out with friends and family (of course, I am latin! That is what we do). And this was a little about me!