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About Me!

My name is Carla Sofia Fuente and I am eighteen years old. I was born in Tampa, Florida, but, I have lived my whole in the Dominican Republic before moving to Washington, DC. I speak Spanish, English, and French. The school I studied at back in the Dominican Republic is an American school, so I graduated with an American diploma, and in order to graduate with a Spanish diploma I had to take french, therefore, I also graduated with an American diploma. I am currently a freshman at the American university, and I am planning to major in business administration. I also plan to study all four years at American University, but I would like to study abroad in my junior year. My goal in life is to be a professional business woman in the cigar industry, that can manage the company that my father owns now, and my grandfather started. I consider myself an interactive, spontaneous, and fun person. I like feeling independent and in control. When it comes to work, I might be lazy at first, but I also do my best, because I try to give my all in everything I do. Having good grades is important for me.

I aspire to be a role model to many, especially for my little brother. I hope my work here at American University will foreshadow  my work in the future. Although I consider myself a responsible person, I also like hanging out with friends and family (of course, I am latin! That is what we do). And this was a little about me!