Weekly News Digest, No. 29

Happy summer and welcome to the twenty-ninth installment of the Project on Civil Discourse’s Weekly News Digest, hosted on our Real Talk blog!

Campus Speech 

Campus Reform released an article about the University of Louisiana – Lafayette’s updated free speech policy. The public university did so after the school’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty advocated for change. The university noted it was not their responsibility “to ‘shield’ people from ‘ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, disagreeable, or even deeply offensive.’”

Pomona College also recently installed a new speech code that “appears to represent a move from the college in favor of free speech on campus.” The Dean of Students released a statement saying “free speech is critical to Pomona’s mission as an educational institution…the norm is that speech and other forms of expression are protected.” 

International Speech 

Jonathan Turley with The Hill writes about how the French government is “attempting to unilaterally scrub out the internet of hateful thoughts.” The government is working to pass a law that would only allow 24 hours for social media platforms to remove hate speech with a fine of $1.4 million per violation. The proposed law is similar to the new German law.

National Speech 

NPR Reporter Nora Eckert writes about Tennessee’s governor Bill Lee and his declaration of July 13th as Nathan Bedford Forrest Day. The governor faced backlash as he seemingly ignored Forresst’s “history of suppression and violence toward blacks.” While the declaration is not new (and is Tennessee law), it faces new backlash amid controversy regarding Confederate statues. 

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