Connor Joseph Kelly

is a student in the School of Public Affairs at American University. A Marylander by heart from Frederick. Connor is studying political science, in order to achieve his goal of working in politics to make the world a better place. Growing up in New York Connor has always been disgusted by poverty and strived to find solutions and ensure everyone has a shot at success. At age 12 he then moved to Maryland in hopes his family would find more stable work opportunities. In his new school, he found ways to be active in his community and make a difference, whether through clubs or community service. Connor enjoys learning new things and being active in politics. He was able to get a taste of the political world when he interned as a page for the State Senate of Maryland, gaining an even deeper understanding of the political process. Connor hopes that at his new home in D.C. and time studying at American University he will gain even more opportunities to serve his community in politics.