The best way to develop a successful nutrition education program is by breaking each step into smaller more focused steps. This allows for getting feedback throughout the process , which ultimately will lead to a better developed program.

The development of the Snackwise program began with My peers aided by providing constructive criticism and giving helpful suggestions.

The steps that were used to develop the program are: creating the program rationale, the mission, goals, objectives, the logic model, blog post, and program evaluation. I will go into more detail for each category and detail how it changed through each draft.

Program Rational

This step really kicked off the entire project. It involved doing preliminary research into existing programs that are similar

Mission, Goals, Objectives

I remember finding this section so difficult solely due to wanting to find the best way to phrase each of these concepts. In particular, I struggled to create a mission statement that was concise yet informative. This is where peer editing was incredibly helpful, because it allows new fresh eyes to learn about the program and paraphrase

Logic Model


Blog Post

Program Evaluation