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Kimberly_Cowell-Meyers_28 Kimberly Cowell-Meyers is Assistant Professor of Government. An AU alumna, she has taught at AU, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. She is the author of Religion and Politics in the Nineteenth Century: The Party Faithful in Ireland and Germany (Greenwood Press, 2002) and several articles in Political Studies, Perspectives, PS: Political Science and Politics, Politics & Gender among others journals. Her opinion-editorials on politics in Northern Ireland have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Voice of America and the Christian Science Monitor, and she has appeared on BBC radio and Monitor Radio. Her current research focuses on women in national and state legislatures.

300_8 Lucia Seybert is a Professorial Lecturer at the School of International Service. Her research focuses on energy policy, the environment and international norms, as lenses for reassessing questions in international relations theory, such as power, sovereignty, and security. She is a former Title VIII Research Scholar at the Wilson Center and a recipient of a number of research grants and fellowships, including from the American Council of Learned Societies.

Bill Kakenmaster SIS/CAS – 2017

Paul Jeffries, SIS/CAS – 2017

Dan Fitzgerald, SIS/CAS – 2018
Adam Goldstein, SPA – 2017
Jonathan Kaufmann, CAS – 2018
Melanie MacKenzie, CAS/SIS – 2017
Molly McGinnis, CAS/SIS – 2017

Erin Campbell, SIS/CAS – 2017
Stella Cooper, SIS/CAS – 2017
Jeremy Davis, SIS/CAS – 2017
Yelizaveta Layer, SIS/CAS – 2018
Celia Lohr, SIS/CAS – 2018
Abby Newbold, SIS – 2018
Arinzechukwu Ofodile, SIS/CAS – 2017
Harrison Palefsky, SIS/SPA – 2017
Benjamin Shaver, SIS/CAS – 2018
Erik St. Pierre, SIS – 2017
Luke Theuma, SIS/CAS – 2018
Samuel Woods, CAS – 2017
Henock Yilma, SIS – 2017

Bill Kakenmaster, SIS/CAS – 2017