2016 Fall Issue

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Dan Fitzgerald – Reevaluating Military Strategy: The Effectiveness of Conventional Deterrence

Adam Goldstein – New Methods of Democratic Consolidation: The Application of Citizenship Laws in Ethnically Fractured States

Bailey Wong – Understanding the Potential for Conflict in the South China Sea

Bill Kakenmaster – Belonging in a New Home: Discursive Othering of Latin American Immigrants in U.S. Print Media

Gretchen Cloutier – Latin America’s Female Prisoner Problem: How the War on Drugs, Feminization of Poverty, and Female Liberation Contribute to Mass Incarceration of Women

Austin Krug – The China Dilemma: A Study of the Ideological Roots of U.S. Foreign Policy towards China during the Cold War

Celia Lohr – “Solidarity of ‘the Colonized'”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Sinn Féin’s Connection to Palestine