For Authors

Why should I submit my work?

Do you love writing? Do you love research? Want to be published in a collegiate journal and see your article appear on AU’s website? Submitting your research paper to Clocks and Clouds for peer advice and potential publication provides you the opportunity to pursue such opportunities and further your own research. Publishing an article in a peer-review journal is the perfect opportunity to share your ideas with the American University community and the broader academic world. Additionally, putting your research through the submission and review process is a great way to improve your research and writing skills. And of course, having your work published is an excellent resume-builder for graduate school applications and jobs in almost any field.

How can I submit an article?.

Submissions can be emailed to or submitted through this google form. The rubric and submission guidelines for papers can be found here.

How is the journal produced?

First, interested participants submit their original research articles to the journal. A panel of student reviewers assesses and edits submissions in a double-blind review process and provides anonymous feedback to authors. After selected articles are sufficiently reworked, revised, and copy-edited, the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor select the articles that the journal will publish. The production team then formats the journal and works with the senior editors to send the final product to the publisher.

Is getting an article published difficult? Clocks and Clouds is a selective journal that aims to publish distinguished articles. However, our reviewers and senior editors work closely with authors to turn good articles into exceptional ones. Some authors are asked to reorganize or revise their work independently for review in the next submission cycle with a much higher chance of publication the second time around. If you’re passionate about research and have some time to commit to the review process, don’t hesitate to submit your work.