Practice makes Perfect (commonplace 5)

Part 1: Template

We often walk around without giving the things around us much thoughts. For example, people my age are more invested in their social media or their social status with their friends to take a step back and notice the societal issues we are putting ourselves in. However, if they did notice their slight selfishness, they most likely wouldn’t think it was a big deal. Furthermore, it seems to me that my age group doesn’t prioritize the current events and how it will affect our daily lives in the near future. What is more important is a number of likes, views, and popularity. Whether they notice it or not, however, every decision and action made can easily influence the stereotypes put on our group. As a result, by being so caught up with our own personal validations we lack empathy with the problems going on around us, we think we only have to think and fend for ourselves when that is not the case at all. Thus, it seems that our group lives in this cloud of nativity and self-righteousness, to no fault of our, it’s simply because we don’t have any real obligations to anyone else. As this essay will detail, although many scholars of generation Y have addressed the idea of this learned selfishness due to having no real responsibility set on us, these ideas have rarely been discussed in the eyes of individuals that our part of this very generation.


Part 2: Rhetorical Analysis AU

In their main website page, American University’s main goal is to attract prospective students and their families through visuals. By taking a minimalist approach focusing more on pictures to AU’s website portrays this institution as one that is all about helping their prospective and current transform into successful career driven individuals. As a political school in the heart of Washington D.C American made sure to choose particular things such former President Obama speaking to well-dressed students and staff. A lot of visuals of students studying in several of the building on campus and of course a backdrop of the nation’s capitol. Visually appealing American’s website consciously picks information and visuals that bring the attention of an audience with a political and social justice interest. As one scrolls down the page such words as “Top Employer” being international and political organizations such as the  Peace Corps and Teach for America and Deloitte. Such organizations are world renown and well-recognized companies and organizations. Their names are purposely placed right next to big font percentage of 91 and 89% showcasing the success that someone will receive if they were to come to this school with the internships, school, and work. The creators of this website made sure to motivate, inspire and showcase their students and their family. It seems to be made by the students and staff for their students and staff. There are very welcoming pictures of students lounging in their dorm rooms. There are two videos of students sharing their experience not only in this institutions but their experience in the capitol. Overall American University gets her job done.

Part 3: Common Splices (not sure how to do this, still a little confused)

“The sun (IC) came up a baleful(DC)  smear in the sky, not quite shapeless, in fact able to assume the appearance of a device immediately recognizable yet unnameable, so widely familiar that the inability to name it passed from simple frustration to a felt dread, whose intricacy deepened almost moment to moment . . . its name a word of power, not to be spoken aloud, not even to be remembered in silence.”

The sentence, not a comma splice because all these clauses are dependent.

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