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Exterior of Halfsmoke

3. As I was walking on my to 5th & O I stumbled across one of the family owned mom and pop restaurants by the name of Half Smoke. After walking around and researching 5th & O I had gone over there for lunch. It seemed like new restaurants that had just opened, when I walked in there were a few customers and the general manager was sitting at the bar and helped me navigate what to order from the menu. As I ordered I asked him a couple of questions about the restaurants itself and the Shaw area “make over” over the past couple of years. It so happened that the general manager and the owner of Half Smoke who I later found out were named Andre McCain had opened the as he states “casual sausage joint” back in October. The manager stated that McCain wanted to have at least one black owned business around an area that was having this gentrification makeover. He wanted to have a commonplace for folks of all ages to come and enjoy themselves and not worry what is going on in the neighborhood that surrounds them which I found very noble of him to do.

Inside of HalfSmoke Restaurant


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