Digital Archives Interior Cultural: Good Ole Liquor Store

2. Despite all the new mom and pop businesses, there are still corner stores that remain in their place since opening up in the 1980s. One of the customers that I spoke to from the Liquor stated that that particular liquor was there since the late 70s. Though the store hasn’t gone anywhere, everything else around them seems to be changing. As I walked in, it was just any liquor store housing hundreds of bottles all across the wall. There was a sweet older man who I am assuming was the owner of the store asked me to not take any picture but I happened to find pictures on google. As I interviewed the old man he states that he has been working here for more than 35 years. He states that inside of the liquor store nothing has changed but the people that come in buy and what they buy, had changed severely. He states that the family that he has seen grow up and has their own kids are no longer there because they can no longer afford to be here.

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