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  1. Layout of a 1 bedroom co-op apartment

    While walking around 5th & O for the first time something that struck me was the cooperative home complex that was tucked away all the way at the end of 5th street. As I walked past it, it automatically seemed out of place from all the beautiful newly constructed homes that surrounded it. From research essentially “Second Northwest Cooperative Homes” are part of the Section 8 Housing programs around the nation. The overall idea of co-op homes in D.C as advertise by several articles online is residents own a share of the entire property not just their unit, which entitles the resident to own a share of the unit. The “head” of the co-op homes has a board of directors and a management company, which maintains the property, screens new residents, and determines monthly fees among other charges. There are at least 120 co-ops in the DC however this type of affordable housing is not well known or advertised. As I did research, I saw that the prices ranged from 1, 500 for a studio apartment to around 4, 500 for a 4 bedroom co-op apartment.

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