Rhetorical Situations and Sentence Structures (commonplace 11)

American University sign for Inclusive bathroom

A sign such as this shows the new types of conversations that we are having in 2017. In our current society, we need such “inclusive” spaces because of the different types of people that surround us. To have a college campus, a place that is for the most part, whether a private or public institution sticks to traditions and a certain type of life that is structured and serious have the bravery to presents its willings to advocate and support a new type of community that is arising in this world is very transformative. There are such word such
as “inclusive” “appreciate” and such phrases as “gender identity” sets a positive dialogue among all individuals and groups that use our institutions everyday, while still making sure that everyone stays comfortable stating such lines as, “If feel the need to lock the room while using it, there is a lock located on the main door to this restroom” which allows individuals to now feel ashamed or feel judged for not being ready to be as open and quite willing to share such an intimate part of an individual’s daily life. It shows that American University is paying attention to all the people that are such campuses, it sets them apart presenting itself as a campus and community that is accepting. It starts the rhetoric or accepting and loving the person for not who/what they identify as but the person they are on the inside and what they are willing and can contribute to the A.U society. The same way that the saying “once, an eagle always an eagle” creates a sense of family and love such a sign and space as an inclusive bathroom does the same, it is a sense of comfort to all types of people in A.U. 

Music that would accompany the mood of the American University Inclusive Restroom Rhetoric would be…

Logo of The University of Georgia

“Shall property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?”

Property seems to be the root of this direct quote, the first words that are stated in the quote is, “shall property owned…” hence there is a sense of importance stressed on identifying what the property is and what is allowed to happen to it. There is an obvious entitlement, power and seriousness surround such conversations that will be sparked because of this question. There are such words as “property” “utilized” “exempt” and “affordable.” With the rhetorical situations that will be presented with such question one can say there will be obvious biases that are struck out on the side of the students and keeping the costs of what they “utilize” more “affordable”. This leading sentence has a speaker behind it that is specifically asking and in some ways demanding lower costs for the students which leads the person who is reading the question to assume that the speaker and creator of this question sympathizes with the position that the student is being placed in, which is one that is inferior to the university they go to. The use of “system” presents to the reader that there is an obvious imbalance in the actors that are connected to the question, which is then being called out as unfair. It then makes the reader assume that there is an overarching problem within the university’s community when it comes to the power struggle and voices that are being heard which then can be applied to not The University of Georgia but institutions throughout the nation.  

Music that would accompany the accompany the mood concerning affordable housing for students at The University of Georgia would be…


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