Annotated Bibliography 7 & 8

Annotated Bibliography 7 & 8

Gringlas, Sam. “Old Confronts New In A Gentrifying D.C. Neighborhood.” Accessed April 12, 2017.

In his Old Confronts New in a Gentrifying D.C. Neighborhood author Sam Gringlas goes about researching the impact of gentrification on the once “Chocolate City” through personal testimonials from natives of the the Shaw area. In his article his he uses both interview  and visuals to show the distinct change that D.C. has gone through throughout the years. Native of the Shaw area share their frustration with Gringlas using  such words as “privilege” “epidemic” “constrict” and phrases such as “pressure on housing” and “take advantage” to share with Gringlas the fast pace changes that they are forced to put up with despite the years of living in the neighborhood. Gringlas goes the extra mile and shows what the native in the community are doing to make sure their neighborhoods and loved one are okay showing visuals such as Thanksgiving meals in the Kennedy Recreation Center, on 7th street and the barbershop. Gringlas shows a side that they are making a way for themselves  and though there is frustration that haven’t completely lost hope of their identity in the neighborhood they continue to support one another.

I believe that personal testimonies and encounters from the minorities that are the natives in the Shaw area and other neighborhood where there is displacement occurring will add balance and a sense of connection with what is going on in these neighborhoods. Gringlas uses pathos in his article to make sure that readers are understanding the impact whether it be negative or positive that these changes have.

Sturtevant, Lisa. “The New District of Columbia: What Population Growth and Demographic Change Mean for the City.” Journal of Urban Affairs 36, no. 2 (May 1, 2014): 276–99. doi:10.1111/juaf.12035.

In her The New District of Columbia: What Population Growth and Demographic Change Men for the City Lisa Sturtevant uses statistics from over a period of time to show what the “trends” that have occurred in the D.C. area and the impact that it had has in areas such as housing, jobs, political and economic aspects because of displacement. Sturtevant uses such phrases as “unprecedented pace” to verbalize the growing pace of the newcomers .Sturtevant explains such a surge of newcomers coming into because of the job and housing opportunities that are available here. This might possibly suggest that there entrance into such neighborhood as Shaw is not necessarily ill will though it is showing the the privilege that the majority of individuals moving into their areas have over them. She discusses the “urban population” and possible impact of such changes might have it.

Having actual demographic trends set forth to compare and contrast the differences throughout a set time will help the reader visualize the actual changes that have gone on. Another thing that this article is able to do is give a concrete reasoning as to why there is so many newcomers coming to the D.C. area. Though the way in which they have come is, have negatively impacted many of the natives in Shaw among other areas. understanding why will also put into perspective what conversations need to be had when it comes to making everyone involved content in some way.

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