Topoi for Shaw Area: 5th & O St NW (commonplace 12)

Inside of Greg’s Barbershop, established in 1913

Something that reminds me of my site (5th & O St NW) is a picture that I stumbled upon while I was doing research for my annotated bibliography collection. This picture I feel represents the topoi community. This picture was taken inside of Gregg’s Barbershop a that has been in the same location since 1913. Though there are such things

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner in the Kennedy Recreational Center in Shaw

as displacement and pressure to house the communities that are no longer able to live in the same areas as before there is a sense of needing to interact and have some sort of support system within the community of people that is left. Something that I realize throughout my research of 5th & O St and the Shaw area as a whole if the way that neighbors who have known each other for a long period of time interacted with one another. Their interactions were always on a family level, being there for one another no matter what. Through there are new groups of individuals coming in, settling themselves and creating a family, the natives live their lives understand the power of the meaning “love thy neighbor.” Though they might feel misunderstood in many aspects when it comes to the lack of privileges they have compared to their new counterparts, but they know how to survive and make a life for themselves the best they can.

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