A Sword. A Spear. A Shield (commonplace 13)

Quote from Elizabeth Acevedo

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of hearing Afro-Dominican poet Elizabeth Acevedo speaking on the topic of Bridging borders between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It was my first time seeing and hearing of this Acevedo, but for seeming reasons, I was struck by her intelligence and her ability to talk about such a controversial matter so gracefully. I as a Haitian immigrant stood there with a Dominican-American and we spoke to each other as people that understood one another. We understood our past, the stigmas that we had as children of immigrants, and the way we were brought up. As the presentation progressed we talked our conversations developed into other pressing matters such as the importance of raising the future generations aware and something she stated that I ended finding a direct quote was, “And I can’t trust this world to teach their sons how to treat my daughter.  So I will raise her to be a sword. a spear. a shield.” And that is such a powerful line for me that I will carry on and teach my daughter to be strong for herself no matter what other say about you. I will teach my kids to love and respect where they come from no matter what they hear in the news. I will teach my kids to be knowledgeable about what is going on in the world and have thoughtful conversations just as I try to do every day. 

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