Does Where You Live Determine Your Destiny?


In City of Rhetoric author David Fleming argues that the space in which an individual lives, and the environment that surround him/her has a direct effect on that individual’s opportunities in life. Fleming discusses that the environment in which a person lives is a very important factor in how that person interacts with others and participates in community and political events(185). Fleming states that those who live in neighborhoods that are almost completely homogenous will not be subjected to as many opportunitie

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This is an image of a bunch of homogenous bouncy balls. All of them look exactly the same, and all of them are happy which is representative of how a homogenous community looks like today. There is little to no diversity, and because of this, everyone has similar opinions and mindsets.

s to be politically active due to the lack of disagreement in the community (191). Along with this, mostly homogenous communities quite obviously lack diversity, and therefore lack differing opinions. This means that people living within that homogenous community will not be able to encounter people with new opinions to spark debate or conversation with those people, and therefore build connections and increase knowledge (191). In addition to this, communities that have a lower quality education system will also not have the same or as many opportunities as communities with better education systems (189). A school that has more money or access to better facilities will give their students the best and most up-to-date education that they can. Schools in low-income neighborhoods will not have access to all of this new equipment, so their students will not be using the newest technologies or learning from the newest books, which will not give them as many opportunities as those students who go to the more affluent schools. The author also argues that individuals that live in areas that are unsafe to play or walk outside in have limited access to encounters with others. If no one is going outside because of the unsafe nature of the neighborhood, then no one is interacting and discussing anything, so no political activity is taking place (181). The author goes on to suggest that the world be organized in a certain way such that everyone would be able to have access to more or new opportunities for civic participation (194). The environment and space in which a person lives plays an undeniably important part in determining the opportunities and political participation of an individual.

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This group of people represents what a diversified community should be like. People of all ages, genders, races, religions, sexualities, etc, can come together and interact and communicate and debate and create a functioning community.,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNH0-u29ld5gitz0GZjSmjd-QEO7Wg&ust=1490681204787242

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