Hi Everyone! I’m Chris. I am a currently a student at the American University on track as a Sociology major with a minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies and Theatre. I have nothing set in stone yet, but I would like to work within the media. Whether it be writing journals or coming up with creative projects. I tend to do well in anything that has to do with creativity and performance. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and working together in a collective group. I have worked at a variety of places that have allowed me to work with a diverse group of people in each occupation.

I worked as a 5th grade teacher for Promise Summer camp, and got to know 20 different students. I spent an extensive amount of time focusing on lesson plans and weekly progress reports, and even planned field trips to the pool and the amusement parks! Alongside this job I interned for New Jersey’s Democratic Representative for Governor, Phil Murphy. Here, I would phone bank, canvass, and hang out with other interns. It was a good opportunity to meet politically active college students, while also getting out of my comfort zone and talking to random people on the streets- or going door to door. In terms of volunteer work, I was a head member of my Jewish/Korean Coalition Leadership Program, where Jewish and Korean youth came together to talk about each others respective cultures. Through this program, I learned the importance of solidarity. I have also volunteered at various Multicultural events, where I helped acts check in and get ready to perform.

Currently, I am working as an employee for Barkly Pets. I get to meet new people and their dogs, getting exercise and creating bonds with the dogs.

In my free time you can find me in the city taking some acting classes, or at a Barnes and Noble reading a new book. Overall, I’d describe myself as ambitious, creative, and hardworking.