Becoming Sentient Scholars

The rich intricacies of modern life have supersaturated our senses in a manner that has set our authentic selves afloat while obfuscating the bases for rational thought and civic discourse. While this obstacle has been generated by the senses, it ironically has been the neglect of the sensory perspective that has created this complex problem. Becoming Sentient Scholars is a course that will address these issues by focusing on a forgotten form of learning, sensory-based inquiry. Students will gain direct, first-hand appreciation of the senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch) with a range of experiential learning exercises and co-curricular activities. Being sensory-based, the course will help students to better appreciate their relationship to the world around them and to nature, prompting moments for deeper reflection. While interdisciplinary, students are not required to have a background in any particular subject matter and will emerge from the course able to approach future coursework appreciating the role and value of the senses and their relation to technology.

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