Meaningful Connections

This course is about the complex terrain of close relationships, specifically friendships and romantic relationships. What drives our desire to connect with others? Why do some connections last and others do not? What are some of the common problems in relationships? What do our relationships reveal about who we are? We will examine the biological drives of love and attachment, the social context of friendships and romantic relationships, and the facets of satisfying relationships. Students will have an opportunity to explore relationships through popular self-development texts, literature, movies, TED Talks, podcasts, and scientific research. The aim of the course is to alter the way we look at and participate in relationships and make connections to their lived experience. To that end, students will leave the course with a combination of theoretical understanding, practical tools, and competencies that will enable them to have conscious, meaningful relationships with themselves and others so that they can develop quality relationships that will enrich their experience at American University and beyond.

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