The Editorial Board is please to launch the inaugural edition of Case Studies in Intercultural Communication, a collection of 16 cases written by students and faculty in the School of International Service at American University.  We are honored to share the voices and stories of the authors. We look forward to developing our collection of cases to expand and share the lived experiences that  frame our intercultural dialogues and inform our development of realistic cultural empathy.

We invite you to submit a case study for inclusion in a future edition. Authors do not need to be affiliated with American University, as we hope to capture the widest range of experiences possible.

Winter 2021 – Volume 1 Issue 1

Visibly Invisible: Implicit bias and microaggressions in the classroom

Alessandra Zielinski and Christine Lasan

Bow and Take Off Your Hat: The value of respect

Jacob Levine

“That’s Not a Real Chinese Name”: Tying names to personal identity and culture

Mei Tomoko

Quick or Quality Work: Building trust

Benjamin Schreiner

Not My Language: Language restriction in the classroom

Spencer Dingman

A Choice to Make?: Tokenism and the complex navigation of multicultural identities

Sierra Cougot

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Facing sociocultural norms of beauty

Hae Lim Park

A Difficult Day: Disagreements regarding the validity of love

Meghan O’Neill

You Just Called a Priest Fat: Exploring cultural barriers within language

John Boyle

Can you please not ask that?: Dealing with racially insensitive questions amongst school children

Caroline Hubbard

“Look at her ring!”: Discrimination within diversity

Shajneen Akhter

How Can You be a Feminist and Muslim?: Confronting multiple identities

Marisa Sette

Seeing in Color: The discovery of a father’s coming to America story and his assimilation into American society

Thomas Ridenour

Sobre la Palabra “Chinita”: Sociohistorical and linguistic differences surrounding offense

Samantha Chai

To Dream Amidst Difficulty: Facing cultural and institutional challenges in higher education while undocumented

Samin Huq

Can You Please Use the Other Door?: Maintaining authenticity

Terra Gargano

The Editorial Board would like to thank Katherine Punteney, Professor at Middlebury Institute of International Studies and Editor-in-Chief of Case Studies in International Education, for her sharing her expertise during the initial conceptualization of this case study collection.