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I listed equality, justice, leadership, opportunity, and competence. My personal belief in social justice has lead me to major in political science, as I believe that government can be a positive force for social change in society. While doing this exercise, I struggled to rank equality and justice. While I believe strongly in social equality, I struggle with the ideal of economic equality that is commonly advocated for in social justice communities. I am a capitalist and believe that economic equality is completely implausible. I reconciled this divide by the inclusion of the value of opportunity. If everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, I could consider the result just, even if the results themselves are not equal. These three values, justice, equality, and opportunity, encapsulate my personal, academic, and career goals.

My other two values were leadership and competence. It is imperative that anyone I were to work with would be competent. Unfortunately, patience is a weakness of mine. In group projects, if another member was unsuccessful in completing their assignment, I tend to become frustrated and redo the task myself. I would generally consider myself a leader. However, after joining the SPA Leadership Program and the AU Honors Program, I encountered many other leaders. At first, it was an adjustment to work with other dominant personalities. However, I have begun to learn when to step back and when to step up in a room full of leaders. These two values shape how I function in academic and group settings.

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  1. Hi Carolyn!

    Your post and thought process to motivational values is really satisfying to me for three reasons. One, you seem to have made a really thoughtful compromise between your world view (capitalism) and your values (opportunity). I appreciate that your move was not suggest that capitalism was a value missing in the cards, but you managed to find it in the terms that existed.

    Second, you also make a really interesting link between two not obviously complementary values. I agree that competency needs to operate in tandem with leadership. The way you put it. “learn[ing] when to step back and when to step up” is a really useful, practical thought process. Knowing your competencies is an important component of knowing when to take the lead on any given project.

    Third, you really took the opportunity to reflect on your values as an opportunity to also reflect on a weakness. Can you speak a little bit more to this patience issue? Which value or values do you think patience falls under, which values will you strive to develop in yourself in 2015?

    Thanks for posting!


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