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Mobile Tool Review: Prezi

This Mobile Tool Review was written by Deni Koenhemsi, CTRL Trainer and Consultant.


Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that turns linear presentations into interactive, collaborative, and multi-linear narratives.




Online through Internet browsers as well as a free iPhone app. Prezi has not released an official Android app yet.

What does it do?

The tool offers a three-dimensional canvas to convey ideas through text and multimedia. Users have the ability to zoom-in for details and pan-out to view broader themes.

Which class can you use it in?

Prezi can be used in any class where students or instructors professors craft presentations. It offers more options that traditional slides and can be very visually stimulating.


  • Non-linear – content is not limited to a “flat box”
  • Ability to add and showcase content through zooming in and out
  • Entire presentations can be created, edited, and saved entirely online
  • PowerPoint presentations can be imported
  • Direct multimedia embedding capability (e.g. images, YouTube videos, and audio)
  • Presentations can be saved as PDF documents for printing
  • Presentations can be downloaded to computer for offline use


  • Internet connection needed for embedded online material
  • Audio voice-over needs to be recorded in advance for each frame
  • Some uses experience motion sickness

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