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Term Faculty Role and Voice in Service and Governance

2016 Ann Ferren Conference Session #408:

In this session, the Term Faculty Task Force presents the findings from its recent survey relating to CAS Term Faculty service and governance activities. The goal is to explore the level of inclusion and engagement among Term Faculty in service and department governance. In particular, the session is interested in assessing, (1) Are Term Faculty over or under burdened with service?; (2) Is the service of term faculty valued and/or recognized?; (3) Do Term Faculty have a voice in important department governance issues?; and (4) Are Term Faculty aware of the service and governance opportunities? Studying Term Faculty service roles and involvement in department governance can shed light on deficiencies and/or affirm areas where Term Faculty have a role or voice.

Ralph Sonenshine (CAS-ECON)
Christopher Tudge (University Honors & Scholars Program)
Edward Comstock (CAS-LIT)