Syllabus Template: Grading System

Evaluation Criteria

  • What is the relative value of each course assignment and expectation?
  • Can students earn a higher grade if their work steadily improves throughout the semester or is it based solely on the student’s average (or cumulated points)?
  • Which assignments best demonstrate content mastery?
  • How are your course goals and learning outcomes reflected in the way assignments are valued?
  • Do you curve grades?

Which of the following do you value most?

Higher level thinking Creativity
Accuracy Correct grammar & organization
Analysis & Synthesis Application
Research skills Originality
New Perspectives Logical thought
  • How will group projects be evaluated?

Percentage of Course Grade for Activities and Assignments

How much will each of the following be worth?

  • Class participation
  • Exams & quizzes
  • Papers
  • Research
  • Reflections
  • Labs
  • Performances
  • Artwork
  • In class presentations
  • Group Projects

Do you provide grading rubics for individual assignments?