In-Class Tutorials

The Research Support Group (RSG) offers support faculty and students researches in various ways, including in-class software training sessions. Faculty can coordinate with RSG consultants to design a customized group training sessions designed to introduce student users to a software package supported in the CTRL Lab. This in-class session demonstrates the application of the product hands-on experience for the class. Skilled RSG consultants with experience using the software lead the training sessions.

Process of Request Fulfillment

Note: Please submit the request for an in-class training session at least 2 weeks before the training date to ensure ample time to match you to the right trainer, book a lab if needed, and provide adequate time for our trainers to prepare for the training session.

  1. Submit the request form to the CTRL Lab by email.
  2. Wait for confirmation of receipt from the CTRL Lab.
  3. Once a trainer has been assigned, the trainer will contact you directly in case there are further instructions that need to be relayed to the trainer.

How to book an in-class software training session

  1. Submit a request at least 2 weeks in advance of the training session.
  2. Email a request or the request form (for Quantitative Analysis in SPSS, STATA or SAS) to the CTRL Lab. Please ensure that you supply us with the following information:
  3. Date and time of the training session.
  4. Software in which you wish to receive training.
  5. Professor Name or person in charge of class/group.
  6. Class code of the class.
  7. Number of students or attendees (**essential for booking a lab**).
  8. Whether you have reserved a lab or need us to submit a lab reservation request for you.
  9. Which location you would prefer for the tutorial
  10. A list of topics you want covered in the training session. Be as specific as possible.
  11. Whether you want us to use our own data or whether you will provide the data for the training.