Consultations, Tutorials, and Workshops

If you are interested in meeting with one of our advanced learning technology consultants to learn to use new instructional technology or software tools for your teaching, we offer on-demand consultations or one-on-one tutorials within the functional areas and on the tools listed below. Use the links next to the content areas to learn more about the tools listed.

Request a one-on-one tutorial or consultation on one of the topics listed below.

Course Content

  • Managing

    Skitch – Evernote based annotation tool

    Ink2Go – video annotation tool

    Educreations – tablet annotation tool

    BounceApp – web browser annotation tool

    Kaizena – voice annotation tool

    Diigo – social media platform and annotation tool

  • Presenting

    Prezi – online presentation software

    Microsoft PowerPoint – slide presentation software

    Podcasts (overview) – overview of best practices for creating audio recordings

    Video Tools (overview) – overview of best practices for creating videos

    iMovie – video editing software (for Mac Computers)

    Audacity – tool for creating and editing audio recordings

    Google Slides

  • Delivering

    RSS feeds – aggregates news sources

    Feedly – blog & news aggregator, mobile app

    Pulse – blog & news aggregator, mobile app

    Netvibes – browser based blog & news aggregator

    Diigo – social media platform and annotation tool

    Flipboard – blog & news aggregator, mobile app

  • Visualizing

    Knoema World Data Atlas – create data visualization from millions of free datasets

    Many Eyes – collaborative data hosting and visualizations

    Stat Planet – creates interactive data-based maps

    Gliffy – flow-charts, concept maps, diagrams – flow-charts, concept maps, diagrams, packaged into infographics

    Dipity – interactive timelines

    Chemistry101 – augmented reality, 3D models

    Anatomy 4D – augmented reality, 3D anatomical models

    World Lens – augmented reality, translation


  • In Class/Out of Class

    Google Drive – cloud storage, synchronous collaboration

    Google Hangout – online video chats

    Google Calendar – online, shareable calendar

    Games and Simulations – overview of games and simulations in the classroom

    Dropbox – cloud storage, asynchronous collaboration

  • Forums

    Piazza – wiki-style Q&A platform

    Facebook – social media

  • Blogging

    WordPress – a blogging platform


  • Polling

    Socrative – polling, quizzes, student feedback

    Poll Everywhere – polling, quizzes, student feedback

  • Receiving Feedback

    Top Hat – attendance, polling, quizzes, student feedback

  • Tests/Quizzes

    Google Forms

  • Metric

  • Delivering Feedback

Other Tools

  • Other

    Microsoft Word – primary word processing software

    Microsoft Excel – primary data collation and spreadsheet software

    Photoshop – image editor

    Gimp – image editor, free download

    Pixlr – image editor, mobile app & web platform

    Twitter – social